Annual Dues are currently set at US$20.00.

The Associate Fellows Group is pleased to announce that we have merged our membership list and dues with the AsMA Home Office. This now allows you to pay for AFG Dues when you renew your AsMA membership via the “Your Membership” section of the AsMA web site (you will need to log in first).

PLEASE DO NOT PAY SEPARATELY FOR AFG DUES. (Please do not use PayPal or send checks or money orders to the AFG Treasurer.)

All AFG dues have been updated in the AsMA database, and you will get credit for all payments toward future years. You may check your membership status at any time in the “Your Membership” section of the AsMA web site.

THANK YOU to all who have paid their dues for the current year!

Each individual member is responsible for ensuring that their membership dues are up to date with both AFG and the AsMA, and that their contact information in the AsMA database is up to date.

Page last updated Thursday 14 July 2022.