Executive Officers

Chair: Dr Joe Britton
Senior Chair Elect: Dr Lisa Snyder
Junior Chair Elect: Dr Nina Purvis
Secretary: Dr Joseph Butterfield
Deputy Secretary: Dr Michael Greene
Treasurer: Dr Lisa Snyder
Immediate Past Chair (ex officio): Dr Preston Laslie, FAsMA
Second Past Chair (ex officio): Dr Tovy Kamine, FAsMA

Committee Chairs and Deputy Chairs

AFG Awards Committee:
Chair: Kevin S Divers
Deputy Chairs: Dr Kristian Mears

Informatics Committee:
Chair: Dr Rowena Christiansen, FAsMA

Membership Committee:
Chair: Dr Michael Hodapp, FAsMA 
Deputy Chairs: Dr Aubrey Florom-Smith, Dr Nina Purvis

Merchandising Committee:
Chair: Dr Aubrey Florom-Smith
Deputy Chairs: Dr Michael Hodapp, FAsMA

Nominations Committee:
Chair: Kevin Divers 

Receptions Committee:
Chair: Dr Preston Laslie, FAsMA

Scientific Program Committee:
Chair : Dr Anna Clebone Ruskin
Deputy Chairs: Dr Aubrey Florom-Smith, Dr Kristian Mears, Dr Joelle Thorgrimson, Dr Michael Schmidt

Profiles for Leadership Team members can be viewed below: