Executive Officers:

  • Chair – Dr Rowena Christiansen (Australia);
  • Chair-Elect – Dr Sanjay Gogate (USA);
  • Secretary – Dr Rebecca Blue (USA) (on parental leave); and
  • Treasurer – Dr Dan Pizzino (USA).

Committee Chairs and Deputy Chairs:

  • Ellingson Award
    • Chair: Dr Punita Masrani (India); and
    • Deputy Chair: Dr Susan Fondy (USA).
  • Informatics Committee
    • Chair: Dr Rowena Christiansen (Australia)
  • Membership Committee
    • Chair: Dr Justin Nast (USA); and
    • Deputy Chairs: Dr Christopher Backus (USA), Professor Dr Munna Khan (India).
  • Merchandising Committee
    • Chair: Dr Patricia MacSparran (USA)
  • Nominations Committee
    • Chair: Dr Dana Windhorst (USA)
  • Receptions Committee
    • Chair: Dr Steve Guyton (USA)
  • Scientific Program Committee
    • Chair: Dr Rowena Christiansen (Australia); and
    • Deputy Chairs: Dr Ilaria Cinelli (Italy/USA), Professor Dr Munna Khan (India), Dr Kai-Wood Ma (USA), Dr Clifton Nowell (USA), Dr Ed Powers (USA).

The AFG Chair assists all Committee Chairs on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the annual Call for Nominations process works, and the current Candidate Profile requirements, then the current versions of these documents are available below. The Call for Nominations will normally take place during the first quarter of the calendar year.

Should you wish to contact any member of the current cohort of Officers or Chairs, please send an email to [email protected].