We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Officers and Chairs for 2020-21.

The newly installed members of the Executive Team are:
* Dr Christopher Backus, AFG Chair
* Dr Joseph Butterfield, Senior Chair-Elect
* Dr Justin Nast, Junior Chair-Elect
* Dr Ronald Robinson, Treasurer.

We also welcome a new Deputy Chair to the Ellingson Award Committee, Dr Joseph Hudson.

Sincere thanks are due to our outgoing Treasurer, Dr Danny Pizzino and AFG Chair, Dr Rowena Christiansen.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances with the COVID-19 global pandemic several members of the AFG Leadership Team who were elevated to Fellow earlier in 2020 will be staying on in an acting capacity to support the AFG until additional AFG Leadership Team members can be recruited through the 2021 Call for Nominations and AFG Breakfast during the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting in Reno, Nevada.

However, any AFG members interested in joining the Leadership Team in the interim are encouraged to reach out via the AFG email address: [email protected].