Chairs are still needed for some of the sessions in Las Vegas:

S-63 Slide (Wed 2 pm/Brasilia 5): Tech Advances in Travel Medicine—Need TWO (one with former experience)

S-66 Slide (Wed 2 pm/Miranda 5-7): Mental Health and Decision Making—Need backup Chair (experienced), as one of the current chairs is uncomfortable with the topic; could potentially trade for another session.

S-76 Poster (Thu 8 am): Clinical Aerospace Medicine— Need ONE

S-83 Poster (Thu 1:30 pm): Safety and Fatigue— Need TWO (one with former experience)

S-84 Slide (Thu 3:30 pm/Brasilia 1): Clinical Aerospace Medicine Around the World—Need ONE experienced chair

S-37 Slide (Tue 4 pm/Brasilia 3): Safety in Military Aviation – Need backup Chair (not experienced), as one of the current chairs may not be attending

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email as soon as possible with your email address and cell/mobile ‘phone number, thanks.