Chairs are still needed for some of the sessions in Las Vegas:

S-63 Slide (Wed 2 pm/Brasilia 5): Tech Advances in Travel Medicine—Need TWO (one with former experience)

S-66 Slide (Wed 2 pm/Miranda 5-7): Mental Health and Decision Making—Need backup Chair (experienced), as one of the current chairs is uncomfortable with the topic; could potentially trade for another session.

S-76 Poster (Thu 8 am): Clinical Aerospace Medicine— Need ONE

S-83 Poster (Thu 1:30 pm): Safety and Fatigue— Need TWO (one with former experience)

S-84 Slide (Thu 3:30 pm/Brasilia 1): Clinical Aerospace Medicine Around the World—Need ONE experienced chair

S-37 Slide (Tue 4 pm/Brasilia 3): Safety in Military Aviation – Need backup Chair (not experienced), as one of the current chairs may not be attending

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email [email protected] as soon as possible with your email address and cell/mobile ‘phone number, thanks.