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To all members of the AsMA Associate Fellows Group:

As of today, Saturday 9 March 2019, nominations are open for the next cohort of AFG Executive Officers and Committee Chairs. 

The positions open for election this year are as set out below.

A. Executive Officers:

  • Secretary, a 2-year post (2019-2021);
  • Chair-Elect for 2019-2020; and
  • Chair-Elect for 2020-2021.

Note: One person may be nominated for any or all of the above offices.

Descriptions of the Executive Officers’ duties and responsibilities can be found on the AFG website:  http://asmaafg.org/afg-executive-officers/ 

Special note regarding the Chair-Elect positions

In order to develop a ‘succession planning’ strategy for the AFG, the AFG Leadership Group has decided to recruit a Chair-Elect for two periods at a time. This will allow for an easier transition in situations where the incumbent Chair-Elect becomes a Fellow (or needs to resign for another reason) before they are able to take office as Chair. 

As a result, nominations will be preferred from candidates who do not have an aspiration to be elected as a Fellow during their term/s as Chair-Elect and then Chair of the AFG. For some Chairs-Elect, this will mean serving a two-year term before becoming Chair, but it is anticipated that this would be a valuable opportunity to ‘learn the ropes’ and develop a rich body of ‘corporate knowledge’.

B. Committee Chairs and up to two Deputy Chairs

These all are one-year posts, but current chairpersons are welcome to stand for re-election:

  • Ellingson Award Committee;
  • Informatics Committee;
  • Membership Committee;
  • Merchandising Committee;
  • Nominating Committee;
  • Receptions Committee; and
  • Scientific Program Committee.

Note: One person may be nominated for more than one Committee.

Descriptions of Committee Chairs’ duties and responsibilities can be found here:  http://asmaafg.org/afg-committees/ 

Please indicate whether your preference (or that of the nominee) would be to serve as:

  • Committee Chair;
  • A Deputy Chair; or
  • Either the Chair or a Deputy Chair.

Note: Nominees for Committee Chair positions who are unsuccessful may be asked to serve on that committee as Deputy Chair, but acceptance of this will be at the candidate’s discretion.

C. Timeline for 2019 elections:  

  • Nominations open on Saturday 9 March;
  • Nominations close on Friday 22 March at 24:00 (Pacific Standard Time);
  • The online poll for all positions will go live on or around Friday 5 April, and close not later than Thursday 18 April at 24:00 (Pacific Standard Time);
  • Results of the elections will be announced on Tuesday 23 April;
  • Official handover takes place on Wednesday 8 May at the AFG Breakfast during the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting.

D. Please see the attached template for the Candidate Profile.  

To nominate yourself or someone else, send an email to the attention of the Chair of the AFG Nominating Committee at [email protected] indicating what position the nomination is for, and with the three-part candidate profile attached.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!

With kindest regards,
Dr Rowena Christiansen
AsMA Associate Fellow Group

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