AsMA AFG members are warmly encouraged to submit to any news, special events, accomplishments, research news, article publications, etc. that you would like to be displayed on this page.

Our first contribution is from Dr Rowena Christiansen in Melbourne, Australia, who is a member of the AsMA AFG and the Space Life Sciences Committee of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine. She was recently commissioned by the online forum The Conversation to write an article on Space Tourism, and this was submitted for publication just before news broke about the luxury space hotel proposal. The article has engendered a lot of lively discussion and three follow-up radio interviews!

The space medicine community in Australia is small but very engaged and enthusiastic, and there will be a poster presentation about the work of the group at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting this May. There is much excitement that an announcement is imminent regarding the establishment of the first-ever Australian Space Agency.