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Associate Fellow Annual Dues Payments


Annual Dues: $10.00 per year


New applicants should wait for notification from the AsMA regarding their Associate Fellow Status.     A $25 initiation fee is payable to the AsMA upon notification.


AFG Dues Payments:

    The Associate Fellows Group is pleased to announce that we have merged our membership list and dues with the AsMA Home Office.  This now allows you to pay for AFG Dues when you renew your AsMA membership.  
    PLEASE DO NOT PAY SEPARATELY FOR AFG DUES. (Please do not use PayPal or send checks to the AFG treasurer.)  ALL AFG DUES have been updated in AsMA and you will get credit for all payments toward future years.  You may check your membership status in the your membership section.

THANK YOU ALL who have paid their dues!



    Log into the AsMA website Member’s Only section and select “Renew My Membership” from the left menu, you will be presented with the online renewal webpage.  This renewal page presents you with the current membership information from your AsMA record.  You would see when your AsMA Active Membership is up for renewal.  The renewal invoice also provide you with information related to your Associate Fellow membership.  If you paid ahead, there is no balance due. You would also have the opportunity to make charitable donations to AsMA.  Finally, a total would be presented to you at the bottom and you would be encouraged to select the “Continue” button for more on to the payment page.  So, in future years, you would be able to pay for renewal of your AsMA membership, your Associate Fellows membership, and charitable donations all with one credit card payment.  Of course, as Associate Fellows become selected for Fellow status, we would cancel the Associate Fellow membership in the record.  The same if an AsMA member decides to cancel their membership or does not renew their AsMA membership.
    Membership in good standing requires continuous membership in AsMA and the AFG.
  • To be a member in good standing, an Associate Fellow must not be delinquent in payment of dues
  • To be a member in good standing, an Associate Fellow must be a member in good standing in ASMA.

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